Pebble Paving and Flooring

Product Features and Benefits:

* Seamless flooring with no ugly tile joints
* Easy to clean
* Non-slip & Anti-skid
* Hygienic & Bacterial resistant
* A two year product & application warranty
* Waterproof & stain resistant
* Quick & mess free when installing
* A green product with low carbon footprint
* Continuity of application indoors & outdoors
* A large range of colours
* Custom colours can be ordered
* Durable & hard wearing
* Versatile for different areas of the home
* Easy to rejuvenate with an inexpensive top coat
* Warmer than tiles in winter
* Over existing tile application
* Under floor heating compliant
* Logo’s, designs & borders can be included
* Perfect for revamping
* A stunning statement to your home
* A Greener construction material


Why Pebble Paving?

This is a unique, affordable solution for resurfacing and achieving a beautiful permanent finish unlike other applications which need to be replaced / upgraded after a period of time. There is simply nothing like it. Architects and designers are taking advantage of it’s quality to add a touch of class to any area as it offers a timeless, elegant and stylish finish. It is the ultimate in pebble paving finishes!

If you have an ugly surface or an area that needs constant cleaning and eventual replacement, then Pave-in Pebbles is the answer. This application lasts for years and improves the appearance of any area.

Variety of Stones:

Available in 20 colours from 1.2 mm to 6 mm in size and can be applied both Indoor and Outdoor for a durable, smooth carpet-like finish with great effect. 


For more information on our pebble paving and flooring, or to arrange a free quotation, please Contact Us !

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