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Pave in Pebbles® specialize in the following:

* Pebbles floor finishing
* Pebbles pave finishing
* Pebbles patio finishing
* Pebbles pool finishing
* Pebbles driveway finish
* Beautiful natural stone
* Mall finishing
* Garages Finishing
* All commercial buildings

Where is it Installed?

Pave-in Pebbles do projects both large and small with wonderful colours and these are enhanced by the bonding agent to a gloss finish of extreme High Quality.

Pebble overlay can be placed on any existing hard surface, such as paving, concrete or tiles. In areas such as floors, both internal and external, patios, garage forecourts, gyms, kitchens, games rooms, swimming pool surrounds, hotels and bars, airports, commercial buildings such as offices, entrance foyers. Whereever it is installed it adds extra value. In fact there are so many applications they are too numerous to mention.


The Pebble Surface can be cleaned by vacuuming, rinsing with water, or scrubbing with a water soluble detergent.

It is really easy to clean and maintains it’s lustre for long periods of time.


It is recommended that one should apply a re-coat of the special gloss epoxy resin after two years for outdoor applications and three years on any indoor applications.

Re-Coating is a simple and inexpensive application and the coating restores that High Lustre finish associated with this type of paving. We have kits available for do-it yourself applications, supplied with full and easy to understand instructions.

As a passionate institution and one of the best in Gauteng the choice of Pave in Pebbles® is obvious.

Our aim is to provide clients with high quality products and services available in the pebble flooring industry. We exist to attract as well as maintain clients by offering excellent service that is sure to exceed your expectations. We provide an affordable way in redesigning sophistication when it comes to lavishly transforming your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Pebble flooring is the natural way of refurbishing your interior as well as your exterior surfaces. There is a wide range of colours to choose from. These colours can easily work with the look and feel of your décor.

We make use of advanced technology by applying the pebbles using a non-slip application. This application is water resistant too. Due to its porous characteristics, you no longer need to be concerned about puddles as they are a thing of the past. We ensure that all unsightly joints are smoothed over and effectively disguised to maximize the ultra-chic look.

Why choose us?

  •   We conduct a full assessment of your space. This allows us to effectively design your space to obtain the look and feel that you want.
  •   We scrutinize our clients for cost effectiveness, professionalism, honesty and above all reliability.
  •   We make use of superb quality pebbles that must fit our criteria. This is done so that they will last a long time to come. In addition, meeting our strict criteria provides you with pebbles that are comfortable and safe.
  •   We take your ideas and make them a reality for you as swiftly as possible.
  •   When working on your property, our skilled team ensures that your belongings are treated with utmost care. This eliminates unnecessary cost in the event of damage or theft.
  •   Our services offer great value for money.
  •   We are experts at creating unique concepts for resurfacing your floor area.
  • Our professional workmanship ensures that your area is delightfully enhanced with sophistication, class and pizazz.
    • For more information on our natural stone and stone floor, please Contact Us!

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